The model 500MV miters 45 degrees left and right. Additionally the two sets of vises pivot making it possible to cut compound angles. The machine has a high efficiency planetary gearbox. Hydraulically actuated movement of the saw head tilt, full stroke vises and top blade guide arm.

Round at 90 degrees 18” (457 mm)
Round at 45 degrees 18” (457 mm)
Rectangular at 90 degrees 18” x 25” (457 mm x 635 mm)
Blade Size 1 ¼” x 16’6” (34 mm x 5030 mm)
Blade Speeds (ft/min) 80 to 450 (24 to 135 m/min)
Blade Tension (spring compensated) 25,000 psi (172 MPa)
Blade Guides Carbide with rollers
Table Height 38” (965 mm)
Maximum Work Load 6,000 lb. (2700 kg)
Machine Weight 5000 lb. (2188 kg)
Overall Dimensions 118 ¾” x 64” x 101” (3016x1626x2564mm)
Blade Drive 7 ½” Hp (5.6kW)
Hydraulic Drive 3 Hp (2.25 kW)
Voltage (three phase) 575/460


  • Machine can miter cut 45 degrees to the right and left, as well as cut vertically
  • Angle is adjusted hydraulically
  • Material is clamped by hydraulic vises – 2 sets, left & right of blade
  • Variable vise pressure with panel mounted adjusting valve
  • Vise can swivel thus allowing the cutting of compound angles
  • Machine movement is on linear bearings to provide maximum rigidity and smooth motion
  • The saw head feed utilizes a load sensing valve which stops the feed if the blade starts to overload, typical when cutting the web of structural shapes
  • Blade Guides are carbide faced with rollers to remove blade twist and dampen vibration
  • Magnetic motor starter with automatic shut off at the end of cut, motors thermal overload protection
  • Blade is preloaded to optimize cutting
  • Blade tension is adjusted hydraulically
  • Blade drive system consists of a direct drive, high efficiency planetary geardrive. Blade speed controlled with a variable frequency drive
  • Manual saw forward, saw retract, saw cut, vises open/closed, slow and fast and saw head tilt
  • Semi automatic cut cycle consists of saw start, saw cut, saw stop, and saw retract
  • Adjustable stops for saw travel forward allow notching of blocks and saw retract to allow for different sizes of material
  • Steel wheels with ductile iron hubs
  • Flood coolant system to both saw guides and an adjustable nozzle mounted on a saw head, all with adjustable flow rates
  • Electrical system uses only C.S.A./UL approved components and is electrically approved
  • Premium quality bimetal bandsaw blade
  • Instruction and parts manual
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